Add new Coin to CoinContracts

CoinContracts started out with top 100 Coins already listed (excepting all Ethereum based coins - they will follow later). Because we know how difficult and expensive it can be for a coin to get listed on an exchange CoinContracts will allow listing by subscription. That is, any coin that meets our (minimal) requirements can get listed by paying a monthly fee of 20 CoinContracts Credits (= 2000 XVP),  Of this amount 50% is fixed and 50% variable. The variable part decreases with 1 Credit for every contract succesfully closed on that coin.

Upgraded Accounts

Upgraded accounts are meant for advanced users, The higher the upgrade the higher the degree of automation that can be executed on the account. Upgrades are billed monthly and are payable with CoinContracts Credits only. These  upgrades will become available after we get over 1,000 contracts listed.

Advertising on

There are 2 main advertising spots  on

- the  spot on the top of the right info space

- the spot on the login page, beneath the Key input field.

Both spaces rotate available ads. Ads must be submitted to for approval. Costs are 1 CoinContracts Credit per week which will automatically be deducted from your account.